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The goal of the OpenSim Fellows Program is to cultivate and engage a community of OpenSim experts who will collectively advance the field of neuro-musculoskeletal modeling and simulation. The OpenSim Fellows will conduct transformative biomechanics research and lead the charge in its translation to medicine, robotics, graphics, and other areas that enhance human health. The OpenSim Fellows will help to grow and sustain the modeling and simulation community by 1) training the next generation of researchers; 2) encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration; 3) sharing models, data, and software; 4) advocating for model validation; and 5) demonstrating simulation best practices.

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Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions


The OpenSim Fellows Program will provide several benefits to its participants:

1) All OpenSim Fellows will be invited to participate in a biennial OpenSim Symposium. The symposium will help to foster community and discussion both inside and outside of the conference room. The symposium will include research talks from participants. The OpenSim staff will present updates on the latest software development and collect feedback from the Fellows to help create an OpenSim project roadmap. The symposium will also include time for collaborative project work and special sessions on topics like grant writing.

2) The OpenSim Fellows will be listed in an online registry of recommended OpenSim consultants. The registry will describe the interests and expertise of each Fellow. The OpenSim staff receives many requests for consulting work and collaborative grants, and we will refer parties looking for consulting or collaborative help to this consultant registry.

3) OpenSim Fellows can apply for grants through the NCSRR to develop and share OpenSim teaching materials and run workshops.

4) To help foster the success of OpenSim Fellows, we will provide software, research, and grant writing advice. Support will be provided via email and virtual office hours, as needed.

5) All OpenSim Fellows will be recognized on the OpenSim website and newsletter.

6) Each OpenSim Fellow will have a renewable, 3-year appointment.


We ask OpenSim Fellows to help advance the field of modeling and simulation and the OpenSim project by:

1) Continuing to conduct excellent biomechanics research using OpenSim to advance the field of modeling and simulation

2) Sharing their models, data, and software tools with the OpenSim community and encouraging their colleagues and students to do the same

3) Training and mentoring the next generation of biomechanists by using OpenSim for teaching and advising young researchers.

4) Supporting and engaging the OpenSim community by running workshops, giving webinars, sharing new examples and teaching materials, and answering questions on the user forum

5) Helping to improve the OpenSim software and documentation by identifying and reporting or fixing bugs and errors

6) Advocating for the modeling and simulation community by educating the field about model validation and simulation best practices and striving for new application and translation of OpenSim research.

7) Helping to recruit new OpenSim Fellows and review applications to the OpenSim Fellows program

Application Process

The OpenSim Fellows Program is open to all. Through the application process, prospective fellows should:

Demonstrate their expertise in musculoskeletal modeling and dynamic simulation. Expertise can be demonstrated through publications, coursework, example code and models, or professional recommendations.

Document their contributions to the OpenSim community. Contributions to the community may include sharing models, data, or code, answering questions on the user forum, creating examples and teaching materials, or leading workshops, courses, or webinars.

A completed application must include:
1) A short registration form
2) An application form (five short essays)
3) A CV
4) Two letters of endorsement
5) Two representative publications.

Items 2 through 5 should be submitted to, preferably as a single pdf file.

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. At least two members of the OpenSim staff and one external OpenSim Fellow will review each application. We will strive to inform applicants of their status within two months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply to the OpenSim Fellows program?
Any person who feels that s/he meets the application requirements is eligible to apply. For example, graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and members of industry are all eligible. Applicants from both inside and outside of the U.S. are welcome to apply.

What kind of consulting and collaborative projects might be expected? How much would I get paid?
At Stanford we have received a growing number of requests for modeling and simulation consulting work on grants, contracts, and other projects in both academia and industry. We expect these requests to continue to grow in number and will refer interested parties to the OpenSim Fellows registry. You will be responsible for setting your own rates and contracts for any consulting work.

How many applications would I have to review if I am selected as an OpenSim Fellow?
We expect that each Fellow will have to review no more than five applications per year.

How will the initial Fellows be chosen?
The initial group of Fellows will be chosen by the OpenSim team at Stanford, with input from the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research.

Will Fellows pay for their own travel to the symposium?
Yes, we will ask Fellows to fund their own travel to the symposium. If funding permits, we may be able to provide travel awards to assist Fellows in attending the symposium.

Am I expected to share unpublished work?
We ask Fellows to share the OpenSim models, tools, and data that they develop. However, Fellows are welcome to keep their research private until it is published. Projects on have privacy controls to facilitate the process of sharing post-publication.

Is there a limit on the number of Fellows? What’s the minimum bar for acceptance?
There is no limit on the number of Fellows. We will accept any Fellow who has demonstrated exceptional expertise and contributions as outlined in the application process. Reviewing the credentials and contributions of current Fellows can help applicants gauge the expectations for the Fellows Program (once the initial Fellows have been selected).

How long should the endorsement letters be? Who should I ask to write letters for me?
Endorsement letters need not be long (e.g., one page is sufficient). You should request a letter from someone who knows you well and can speak to your modeling and simulation expertise and your contributions to the OpenSim community.

What else do you have planned for the Fellows Program?
As the OpenSim Fellow Program grows, we hope to add additional benefits, including, for example, a private social networking site for scholars, a formal mentoring program, additional funding opportunities, and/or a series of invited talks. We also welcome feedback from the community about ways to improve and expand the reach of the OpenSim Fellows Program.

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