Jun 18, 2013 - Jun 19, 2013

SIMM and OpenSim Workshop at The Royal Veterinary College

Professor John R. Hutchinson's research team in the Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences at the RVC in London is holding a free workshop for those interested in using biomechanics software to develop detailed musculoskeletal models.

The workshop will consist of a brief introduction to the theory and functions of each modelling software package, followed by hands-on sessions teaching attendees (1) how to use custom or freely available software code to create an articulated skeletal model (using a pre-prepared set of animal bones); (2) how to edit and manipulate the model; and (3) how to add and edit muscles and muscle properties. The attendees will then learn how to import these models into the OpenSim software environment. This is NOT a training session in more advanced techniques such as higher-level simulations, optimizations or inverse dynamic modelling. Attendees should leave the workshop with a basic familiarity in using these software packages and with how musculoskeletal, biomechanical models work. By the end, they will be able to construct at least a simple model in SIMM and export it to OpenSim for other analyses.

The 2nd morning's workshop will be an optional advanced users session. It will be a free-form question/answer, problem-solving session where expert research staff help attendees create and refine their own SIMM musculoskeletal models with the aim to import them into OpenSim. Attendees MUST bring their own 3D graphics files (formats to be discussed with us in advance) to use in this second workshop (e.g. segmented .STL/.OBJ bones from CT scans).

Learn more and apply on the workshop website. The deadline is May 7.