Jun 10, 2013

OpenSim Tutorial at Dynamic Walking Conference

The OpenSim team will lead a hands-on tutorial at the Dynamic Walking Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

Ajay Seth, Dan Jacobs, Chris Dembia, and Scott Delp will lead a two-hour OpenSim tutorial at the Dynamic Walking Conference, to be held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. More details are below. The four-day conference will also feature a keynote lecture by Scott Delp, director of the OpenSim project.

Walking the gauntlet: design, simulate and evaluate a dynamic walker in OpenSim

Participants will get a hands-on introduction to OpenSim, an open source biomechanical modeling and simulation framework. The OpenSim software framework provides tools to simulate rigid body dynamics with biomechanical joints, apply contact and external forces as well as muscles, ligaments and other biologically inspired forces. We will discuss OpenSim's components for constructing, controlling, and evaluating biomechanical models and simulations. Participants will then work with a basic dynamic walking model and learn how to augment, simulate, and visualize the model using OpenSim. The workshop will culminate in a friendly contest to generate the most robust walker using OpenSim's component library and/or by adding new custom components.

Participants should come prepared with OpenSim 3.1 (coming soon) installed or arrange to team up with another participant. Optionally, participants should also have MATLAB 32-bit installed if they wish to learn how to call the OpenSim application programming interface (API) from MATLAB.

OpenSim is open source biomechanical modeling and simulation software developed by the OpenSim team at Stanford University, directed by Professor Scott Delp. OpenSim serves as the simulation environment for the NIH National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research and for DARPA's Warrior Web project. OpenSim's underlying multibody dynamics and system of equations solver is Simbody, which will also serve as one of the dynamics engines supported by the Open Source Robotics Foundation's Gazebo simulation platform.


Read more about the conference and register at the Dynamic Walking Conference website.