Nov 08, 2012

Webinar: Model-Based Stroke Rehabilitation

B.J. Fregly and Carolynn Patten, from the University of Florida, describe their integrated modeling and clinical approach to improving rehabilitation of stroke patients.


Watch the event recording if you missed the live broadcast.


Title: Model-Based Stroke Rehabilitation
Speakers: B.J. Fregly, Ph.D. and Carolynn Patten, Ph.D., P.T.,
University of Florida
Time: Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time


The goal of this webinar is to describe our vision for how patient-specific neuromechanical walking models could potentially be used to design customized rehabilitation interventions that normalize walking ability post stroke. The walking models will be informed by a patient's pre-intervention gait data (motion capture, ground reaction, and EMG), will account for the patient's neural control limitations and remaining capabilities, and will predict both the type (i.e., prescription) and amount (i.e., dosage) of intervention that should normalize a patient's walking speed and symmetry to the fullest extent possible. The presentation will be organized into two sections - a clinical section and a modeling section. The clinical section will cover general clinical observations related to stroke rehabilitation along with current challenges in designing effective interventions. The modeling section will focus on existing and imminent modeling capabilities available for predicting the best gait pattern a specific patient is theoretically capable of achieving, followed by a brief discussion of how these modeling techniques could potentially be implemented in OpenSim with the assistance of Matlab.