Oct 18, 2012

Webinar: Introducing OpenSim 3.0

Jen Hicks will introduce the next release of OpenSim - version 3.0. She will give an overview of new features and demo the software's new scripting and visualization capabilities and many usability improvements.

Event Recording

Watch a recording if you missed the live event.


Title: Introducing OpenSim 3.0
Speaker: Jennifer Hicks, Stanford University
Time: Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. PST


The webinar will debut OpenSim 3.0, our biggest upgrade to-date. We've added new features, including live model editing, scripting in Matlab and the OpenSim application, and improved muscle models. We've enhanced some of the core existing OpenSim functionality, including our muscle models and tools for visualizing forces and other motion data. OpenSim 3.0 also includes a host of usability improvements for beginning users to advanced developers.

Intended Audience

Current OpenSim users of all levels and those interested in learning more about the software and getting started.

Webinar Goals

  • Explain the motivation for the OpenSim 3.0 development effort
  • Introduce the new features in the OpenSim 3.0 GUI and API
  • Demo the new GUI and Scripting features
  • Explain the license changes occurring with OpenSim 3.0

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