Feb 16, 2012

OpenSim Webinar: A New Muscle Induced Acceleration Analysis Plugin (Second Broadcast)

Tim Dorn will describe and demonstrate a new plugin for computing muscle induced accelerations in OpenSim.


Title: A New Muscle Induced Acceleration Analysis Plugin for OpenSim
Speaker: Tim Dorn, Stanford University and Melbourne University
Time: Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. PST

Watch the Webinar

A recording of the webinar is available for you to view.

Webinar Slides and Other Materials

You can find the plugin and example walking data from this webinar at Tim Dorn's SimTK Project Site. You can also download a copy of the webinar slides.

Talk Synopsis:

In this seminar, a new OpenSim plugin for performing muscle induced accelerations will be presented. A muscle induced acceleration analysis is executed after individual muscle forces have been computed for a pattern of movement. The analysis provides insight into muscle function by calculating how each of the computed muscle forces: i) accelerate each joint of the body and; ii) accelerate the center-of-mass of the body.

To facilitate an induced acceleration analysis, a model of foot-ground contact must be prescribed. A new time-dependent, multi-point ground contact model will be discussed and its application in the new induced acceleration analysis demonstrated.

This seminar will explain the ideas behind muscle induced acceleration analyses and instruct you in how to perform the analyses using a new OpenSim plugin to yield results that can be meaningfully interpreted. Hence, the seminar will be divided into two stages: (1) a brief outline of the induced acceleration analysis and contact model followed by a guide to installing the plugin in OpenSim and (2) An interactive computer session where the plugin will be executed with real walking data and the outputs validated and interpreted to investigate muscle function in walking.