May 25, 2018

Workshop: Simulating and Optimizing Human-Robot Interaction

Join the members of the OpenSim Team at the Dynamic Walking Conference ( for an interactive tutorial through the features of OpenSim that allow you to model and simulate human-robot interaction.

The workshop will be held at the Dynamic Walking Conference in Pensacola, Florida on May 25th.

The OpenSim software package has become a central tool in studying human movement and pathology. As interest in wearable robotics increases, so does the need for simulation tools to understand and predict the interaction between humans and robots. This 3-hour hands-on Matlab tutorial will include simulating a jumper model, increasing jump height with an assistive device, and a competition for maximizing the jump height of the assisted jumper model.

The tutorial assumes familiarity with Matlab, but experience with OpenSim is not required.

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