Oct 23, 2017 - Oct 27, 2017

Virtual Workshop for Advanced OpenSim Users

Apply to participate in a virtual OpenSim Workshop this fall. Participants will receive project support from OpenSim team members using electronic communication, such as video conferencing and a dedicated online forum.


This workshop is intended for OpenSim users who want assistance from the OpenSim team on specific research projects. It is expected that participants have experience using OpenSim and have a project currently underway.


Participants will work on their projects while getting assistance from OpenSim experts remotely through videoconferencing and a specialized chat room. Over a week, participants will have at least two virtual meetings and daily support for questions from a team of OpenSim experts.


We recommend allocating a minimum of 25 hours to work on your project during the week and having a strategy to prioritize achieving your project goals during the week of the Virtual Workshop. While working remotely, allocating time for working on your projects may prove challenging, but successful participants at previous virtual workshops used strategies like working at home, at a campus library, or in a separate room away from typical work demands.


All interested participants must apply online by completing a short application form. Participants must also submit a short project proposal (up to 1 page; details below) via email to opensim@stanford.edu. Include "Virtual Workshop" in the subject line. The application deadline is Friday, September 15. Groups of participants are highly encouraged. Groups need only submit one proposal, but all group members should complete the online application form, noting the name of the group.


Submission deadline: Friday, September 15
Acceptance announced: Friday, October 6
Workshop: Monday, October 23 - Friday, October 27


The project proposal should be at most one page (11pt font, single spaced). It should provide a brief scientific description of the larger project you are performing with OpenSim, the challenges you are currently facing, and details of the specific task or set of tasks you plan to complete during the virtual workshop.

Please use the following outline to organize your proposal:

1) Research Goal and Preliminary Work: Briefly describe the overall goal of your larger research project. Describe the work you have already performed (data collected, initial simulations generated, etc.)

2) Modeling and Simulation Challenges: Explain current or expected challenges and bottlenecks.

3) Workshop Plans: Describe the specific tasks you plan to accomplish during the workshop.

4) Participant Background: Briefly describe your background and prior experience with OpenSim. Explain why you are interested in participating in the workshop. If a group, provide this information for all group members; this information may be included on an additional half page.

5) Work Plan: How many hours do you intend to work on your project during the Virtual Workshop? What strategies will you employ to prioritize project work time during the workshop?