Jul 26, 2017

Jumping into OpenSim 4.0: Interactive Tutorial at ISB 2017

Get a hands-on introduction to generating muscle driven simulations in OpenSim 4.0.

The OpenSim team from Stanford University will lead an interactive tutorial on "Building Muscle-Driven" Simulations at the 26th Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) in Brisbane, Australia. The workshop will be held in The Great Hall on Wednesday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

This workshop aims to introduce participants to the features in OpenSim, including new features from OpenSim 4.0. We will guide participants through a typical pipeline of creating and visualizing a muscle-driven simulation starting with provided motion capture data of a subject jumping.


The workshop will feature a hands-on tutorial and demo with a preview release of OpenSim 4.0, which includes both Windows (64-bit) and Mac versions. If you would like to participate in the hands-on portion, you will need to download and install the preview of 4.0 that we have prepared for ISB. You can also follow along on the overhead projector, if you don't have time to set-up the OpenSim 4.0 preview on your own machine.

Note that we are still refining and testing the software, so this version is only intended for use with the ISB tutorial.

Download Instructions
To get the software and tutorial materials:
  1. If you are a Mac user, download the Mac Installation Package.
  2. If you are a Windows user, download the Windows Zip File.
  3. You will need to sign in to simtk.org or sign up for an account if you aren't a member already. You will then need to review and accept the license agreement and the software zip file or installer package will begin downloading.
  4. Follow the installation instructions for your operating system below.
  5. Download the zip file ISBTutorial2017.zip which contains the files necessary to complete the tutorial. Unzip the file to a location of your choice on your machine.

Installation on Windows
  1. Find the downloaded zip file.
  2. Right-click on the zip file and select Extract All.
  3. In the extracted folder, open the opensim folder, and then the bin folder.
  4. Double-click on the file OpenSim64.exe to start OpenSim.
  5. If a Windows Security Alert informing you that "Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app" appears, click Allow access. (This will allow the OpenSim visualizer to communicate with the other parts of the OpenSim application.)

Installation on Mac
  1. Find the downloaded installer package.
  2. Hold down the control key and click on the installer. Select Open from the dropdown menu. This step is necessary to allow OpenSim to install on your system since we have not yet registered the application with Apple.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen. Once installation completes, you can find OpenSim in your Applications folder under "OpenSim 4.0.Beta" and in Launchpad.

If you have issues with installation please contact Ayman Habib at ahabib@stanford.edu. If you have questions about the workshop, please contact Jennifer Hicks at jenhicks@stanford.edu.

Again, please note that this preview of OpenSim is not intended for research use. If you'd like to sign up to be a beta tester, we'd love to have your help testing the software.


A team of researchers and students from Stanford University will lead both lecture and hands-on tutorials to demonstrate the capabilities of OpenSim for new users and highlight improvements in OpenSim 4.0 for experienced users. The teaching team includes Scott Delp, Jennifer Hicks, James Dunne, Chris Dembia, Carmichael Ong, Jennifer Yong, and Apoorva Rajagopal.


Anyone registered for ISB is welcome to attend. To attend this workshop, please register for the ISB 2017 meeting here.