Jul 23, 2017 - Jul 27, 2017

OpenSim Research Highlights: Symposium at ISB 2017

Learn about the latest research discoveries from leaders in the field of musculoskeletal modeling and simulation.

OpenSim will hold a thematic session at the 26th Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) in Brisbane, Australia. The goal of this thematic session is to highlight the diversity of research being conducted with OpenSim. Speakers will discuss new methods for generating accurate simulations of movement and applications of the software to areas such as rehabilitation and the design of robotic assistive devices. The session will also foster discussion about the challenges and opportunities for the future of OpenSim.


Invited speakers are OpenSim experts and leaders in the field. Speakers will give 12-minute research presentations describing a specific use case of OpenSim. Following each speaker's presentation, we will hold a panel discussion, soliciting questions from the audience about the research talks, as well as the broader challenges and opportunities of using OpenSim for biomechanics research.

Session Chairs:
Scott Delp, Stanford University
Jennifer Hicks, Stanford University
Glen Lichtwark, The University of Queensland

Colin Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Presentation Title: Stochastic Simulation of Knee Mechanics Enabled via Novel Solution
Techniques and High Throughput Computing

Chris Dembia, Stanford University
Presentation Title: Can musculoskeletal models and optimal control reproduce results from an experimental exoskeleton study?

Brian Umberger, University of Massachusetts
Presentation Title: Simulation of residuum-socket dynamics in walking following limb loss

Adrian Lai, Simon Fraser University
Presentation Title: Does a two-element muscle model offer advantages when estimating ankle plantar-flexor forces during human cycling?


To attend this session, please register for the ISB 2017 meeting here.