Jul 20, 2017

Workshop at TGCS 2017: Matlab Scripting in OpenSim 4.0

Learn how to use the Matlab scripting interface through a hands-on example and competition.

The OpenSim team from Stanford will hold a workshop as part of the 26th Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB). The workshop will be held at Southern Cross University's Gold Coast Campus. In this workshop, the OpenSim team will use a hands-on example to introduce the new features of OpenSim 4.0 that make scripting in MATLAB more powerful and user-friendly. The new OpenSim API (Application Programming Interface) in version 4.0 has been improved to simplify building model components, running simulations, performing analyses, and working with data files.

A hands-on example will teach participants how to build models and run simulations through the MATLAB scripting interface, by working with a simple computational model of a person jumping. The workshop will feature a friendly competition between participants to optimize the jumper's performance in a simulation.


The workshop will last three-hours and is designed for those who are familiar with both OpenSim and MATLAB. Participants who have not used OpenSim, but have a strong background with computational modeling and simulation of the musculoskeletal system, are also welcome to participate. More information about the workshop, including how to prepare, will be available soon.


To attend this workshop, please register here.