Apr 27, 2017

Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Data Collection, Scaling and Inverse Kinematics in OpenSim

Hear best practices from the OpenSim team to produce accurately scaled models and joint kinematics


A recording of the event is available for viewing. There were many excellent questions asked during the webinar, some of which we did not have time to respond to. We have provided written responses to many of these questions here.


Title:Tips and Tricks for Data Collection, Scaling and Inverse Kinematics in OpenSim
Speakers: Jenny Yong and James Dunne, Stanford University
Time: Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time


Many users of OpenSim begin their research by collecting experimental motion capture data, including marker trajectories and ground reaction forces. In our lab, we have developed a set of best practices for collecting and importing this experimental data into OpenSim, scaling musculoskeletal models, and computing joint angles--all with the goal of producing accurately scaled models and joint kinematics. In this webinar, we will review these best practices and provide advice on ways to scale models, register markers, and perform inverse kinematic analysis in OpenSim. For example, we will discuss considerations for choosing an experimental marker set to improve scaling, and how the OpenSim scale tool can help you place model markers that match the experimental subject. We will conclude the webinar with an open discussion session to answer questions and get additional ideas from the community about best practices.