Jul 22, 2014

OpenSim Webinar: Simulating Sit to Stand - Biomechanical Insights and Practical Tips

Learn tips for model building and using static optimization


A recording of the event is available for download, and the model described in the webinar will be available at http://simtk.org/home/osufullbody_sts. We encourage you to sign up for the osufullbody_sts-news mailing list (located under the "Advanced" tab) to receive an announcement when the model becomes available.

The presenters also mentioned some useful resources to consult when you need help using OpenSim:


Title: Simulating Sit to Stand - Biomechanical Insights and Practical Tips
Speaker: Dr. Rob Siston and Elena Caruthers, Ohio State University
Time: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time


The event is free, but registration is required. To register for the event, click here


We invite you to sit down with us to learn about several things that should be considered when running OpenSim simulations. We will first discuss musculoskeletal modeling: how to choose the appropriate model for the motion you are analyzing, how to build a custom OpenSim musculoskeletal model if an appropriate model does not already exist, and why these steps are especially important if you are not simulating gait. We will then demonstrate how we used our own custom full body model to examine muscle forces during a sit to stand transfer. Along with our major findings from this study, we will share with you different techniques we used to validate and improve our results from static optimization. By the time you get up from your chair once the webinar is over, not only will you know what muscles are driving that motion, but you will walk away knowing a little more about modeling and simulation in OpenSim.