Jul 28, 2011

Webinar: Using OpenSim to explore the mechanics of pathological gait patterns

Kat Steele from Stanford University will discuss research using the OpenSim software package to understand muscle function during pathologic gait.

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Title: Using OpenSim to explore the mechanics of pathological gait patterns
Speaker: Kat Steele, Stanford University

Talk Synopsis:

Crouch gait is a common gait pathology in individuals with cerebral palsy. It is inefficient and can lead to joint pain, the formation of bone deformities, and eventually the loss of the ability to walk independently. Kat M. Steele will describe her latest research results exploring the dynamics of crouch gait using OpenSim. She has used musculoskeletal modeling and simulation to determine how muscles contribute to motion during crouch gait, how knee contact forces change with crouch severity, and how robust crouch gait is to weakness of individual muscle groups. These findings can help to inform surgical and therapeutic treatment strategies for crouch gait. She will demonstrate that musculoskeletal modeling and simulation with OpenSim is a useful tool for probing the underlying causes of complex pathological gait patterns and the effects of treatments.

Aug 07, 2018

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